Miami Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Why Hire An Attorney?

Pursuant to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle (FLHSMV) Crash Dashboard for 2019, there were over 64,521 collisions in Miami- Dade County alone, killing 334 victims. As the years pass, more and more drivers are on the road, which increases the likelihood of an accident occurring. If you or someone you know has been involved in an accident, having an experienced auto accident attorney by your side is not only crucial but essential to assure you receive the maximum amount for your injuries. In Redemption Law, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you get the compensation you deserve.

What If After An Accident, The Insurance Company Contacts Me Directly?

If an insurance company contacts you regarding settling your claim, we advise you to hang up and contact our office immediately. Insurance companies will try and pay the least amount for your injuries. They know most people don’t understand the extent of their injuries and how costly treating them can be. Although you may feel fine today, some injuries take time to develop and will require medical attention, which can be expensive.

Money Damages You May Be Awarded

If you have been the victim of an auto accident, you may be entitled to economic damages, non- economic damages as well as punitive damages.

Economic damages refer to your current out-of-pocket costs, as well as reasonably calculable future costs. Some examples of economic damages include medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage.

Non-economic damages are funds awarded to victims to compensate for the intangible negative impact of their injuries. Some examples of non-economic damages include pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life.

Punitive damages are designed to punish the wrongdoer and deter others from engaging in similar actions. Punitive damages may be awarded if a court finds that the defendant’s conduct was so deplorable or malicious that such damages should be awarded to the victim. Be aware that the defendant’s egregious conduct must be directly related to the victim’s injuries to give rise to punitive damages.

When Must You File Your Claim?

Under Florida Law, the victim of an auto accident has four years from the date on which he or she sustained the injury to file a lawsuit. If a claim is never filed within the four-year window, the victim will be barred from filing suit or seeking monetary recovery for injuries sustained from the incident, which is why it is important to act quickly after an incident has occurred.

What Type Of Auto Accidents Do We Handle?

In Redemption Law, we assist our clients with a variety of accident cases, including:

Let Us Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Case

In Redemption Law, we understand how difficult and stressful being the victim of an auto accident can be; however, you do not have to face it alone. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries resulting from an auto accident, contact our office today so we can help you get the most out of your case.

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​Miami Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Did you recently suffer injuries in a Miami pedestrian accident? Miami is among the most dangerous cities in the country for pedestrians, and pedestrian accidents harm locals and visitors far too often. If a pedestrian accident hurts you, you are likely experiencing severe pain and discomfort and worrying about mounting medical bills and lost icome.
You don’t have to face these challenges alone.
At Redemption Law, PLLC, we believe in advocating for the rights of those who have suffered wrongful injuries. Our team can help you file a personal injury claim and seek the compensation you need to take a crucial step forward in your recovery.
We are passionate about pursuing justice for our clients, and we’ll work tirelessly to get you the best outcome. Don’t hesitate to contact our Miami pedestrian accident lawyer when you’re ready for your free, no-obligation case review.

Why Choose Redemption Law?

You’re likely feeling overwhelmed and stressed if you recently got hurt in a pedestrian accident. You probably know you need legal help, but maybe you’re unsure where to start. Choosing a law firm with the experience and resources to handle your case effectively is essential. That’s where Redemption Law comes in.
At Redemption Law, we’ve been helping local injury victims like you for years. Our team has a proven track record of success, with millions of dollars in claim settlements and trial verdicts for our clients. We’re here to give you the peace of mind you need at this difficult time.
We understand that your injury case is unique and requires personalized attention. That’s why we take the time to listen to your story and understand your needs before we advocate for your rights. You’ll never feel like another case number when you work with us. Our compassionate team knows you need a lawyer to handle the complex legal system while you focus on getting better.
Redemption Law offers free consultations to learn more about your rights and options without financial obligation. We have a convenient office location in Miami Lakes, so it’s easy for you to meet with us in person when you need help. We can also talk to you virtually or over the phone at your convenience. No matter where or when you get hurt in a pedestrian accident, we are here for you if you need us.
Take action after a Miami pedestrian accident. Contact Redemption Law to begin your free consultation and learn how we can help you get the compensation you deserve. Let us help you move forward with your life.

Compensation for Pedestrian Accident Injuries

Miami Pedestrian lawyer

Several factors could affect the value of your pedestrian accident injury claim. The nature and extent of your injuries often play the most significant role in determining the value of your claim. The more severe your injuries, the more costly your medical treatment will likely be, which should increase the compensation you can pursue. And if your injuries force you to miss work or lose income, your lost wages will also be a factor.
After a pedestrian accident in Miami, you could seek compensation for:

  • Hospital bills and other medical expenses you incur due to the accident
  • Medical costs you will likely incur in the future as a result of the accident
  • Incidental expenses, such as out-of-pocket medical travel costs
  • Lost income from any time you miss at work due to the pedestrian accident
  • Projected losses in future earning potential due to permanent crash injuries
  • Subjective losses, such as pain, suffering, and reduced quality of life

Miami Pedestrian Accident Facts and Statistics

Pedestrian accidents are prevalent in Miami. Our city is a densely populated area with lots of tourists and busy downtown commuters, so there is a high volume of foot traffic, which increases the likelihood of pedestrian accidents. Additionally, many of the streets in Miami are not friendly to pedestrians, so there is a lack of proper crosswalks, sidewalks, and pedestrian signals.
Furthermore, drivers frequently engage in reckless behaviors, such as speeding, distracted driving, and running red lights, all of which put pedestrians at risk. The combination of these factors makes pedestrian accidents a persistent problem in Miami.
According to the Miami-Dade County Department of Transportation and the Sun Sentinel:

  • In one recent year, 373 people suffered reported injuries, and seven died in Miami-Dade traffic accidents every week.
  • During that year, 126 pedestrian accidents occurred every week in Miami.
  • Over the past decade, the metropolitan area that spans Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach down to Miami ranked 13th for the most dangerous metro areas for pedestrians in the U.S.
  • South Florida saw 1,675 pedestrian accident fatalities or 2.8 pedestrian accident deaths for every 100,000 residents during that time.

If you need to file a claim after a Miami pedestrian accident, you will need a lawyer who understands:

  • Pedestrian right-of-way law. Florida Statutes § 316.130 contains most of the right-of-way laws that apply to pedestrians in the state. Specifically, this law requires drivers to stop for pedestrians at crosswalks, exercise due care around pedestrians and cyclists, and give warnings to pedestrians when necessary.
  • No-fault auto insurance law. Florida follows a no-fault auto insurance system, which means a driver must file an initial injury claim with their insurance company after an accident, no matter who is at fault. As a pedestrian accident victim, you can only file a third-party injury claim against the driver who hit you if your injuries meet a certain severity threshold.
  • Comparative negligence law. Florida’s comparative negligence law allows you to recover compensation for your injuries even if you are partially at fault for them. Still, the more fault your attorney can place on other parties, the more compensation you could potentially recover.
  • Statute of limitations law. All personal injury claims in Florida are subject to a four-year time limit, beginning when your injury first occurs. If you wait too long to file your lawsuit after a pedestrian accident, you could lose your right to seek compensation in civil court, so find a trusted attorney who can help you act quickly.

The skillful legal team at Redemption Law has extensive experience with all types of injury claims in Miami, including pedestrian accident cases. We’re here to stand up to the insurance companies on your behalf and pursue the compensation you need to heal from your injuries.

Types of Pedestrian Accidents and Pedestrian Accident Injuries

A pedestrian accident occurs any time a vehicle collides with someone on foot, and these types of accidents can take many forms.
Common pedestrian accidents here in Miami include:

  • Crosswalk accidents. A crosswalk accident occurs when a motorist strikes a pedestrian who is walking in a crosswalk. Many crosswalk accidents happen when drivers fail to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians because they are inattentive or under the influence.
  • Sidewalk accidents. Sidewalk accidents occur when motorists drive over sidewalks and strike pedestrians walking on those sidewalks. Many sidewalk accidents happen when motorists cross sidewalks to pull into or out of driveways, but some involve motorists who veer onto sidewalks while traveling along the road, usually due to distraction, intoxication, or mechanical defects.
  • Turning accidents. Turning motorists collide with pedestrians crossing the road at crosswalks or walking on the sidewalk when drivers do not pay attention or misjudge pedestrians’ speed.
  • Backing-up accidents. Backing-up accidents occur when a motorist collides with a pedestrian behind their vehicle as the vehicle moves in reverse. Many backing-up accidents happen in parking areas and driveways, usually due to drivers not checking their surroundings before backing up.

Pedestrians lack protection against the worst of a collision and often sustain serious:

  • Head and neck injuries
  • Facial and dental injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Back and shoulder injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries (SCIs)
  • Partial or total paralysis
  • Abdominal and internal injuries
  • Arm, elbow, wrist, and hand injuries
  • Dislocated or broken bones
  • Permanent scarring and disfigurement
  • Amputation and loss of limb
  • Bruises, lacerations, and puncture wounds
  • Soft tissue strains, sprains, and tears
  • Leg, knee, ankle, and foot injuries
  • “Road rash” and other burn injuries
  • Emotional and psychological injuries
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Fatal injuries and wrongful death

Filing an Insurance Claim After a Pedestrian Accident

As a pedestrian accident victim, you could face several difficulties when filing an insurance claim. For one, Florida’s no-fault insurance laws limit your ability to sue the driver, making it harder to pursue full compensation for your injuries. You must prove that your injuries are severe before filing a lawsuit, which takes time and requires extensive evidence.
If youi have a car, you would first turn to your personal injury protection (PIP) insurance in your auto policy for reimbursement of your medical expenses and lost wages.
However, insurance companies often try to minimize how much they pay out in claims. To protect its bottom line, the insurance company might try to deny your claim or offer a settlement far lower than what you deserve. And because insurance adjusters have considerable experience decreasing the value of injury claims, many victims struggle to negotiate on their own.
At Redemption Law, our team can help you navigate the complex claims process and win a better settlement. We can gather evidence, negotiate with the insurance companies, and represent you in court if necessary. With our help, you can enjoy peace of mind and seek the compensation you need.

What to Do if You Get Hurt in a Pedestrian Accident

After a pedestrian accident:

  • If you haven’t already, get medical care right away so a licensed physician can diagnose, treat, and document your injuries
  • Follow your doctor’s care plan and keep all follow-up appointments
  • Record the details of your recovery in a “pain journal” for proof of how your injuries affect your daily life
  • Gather evidence from the accident, including photos of the crash scene, the clothes you were wearing, and the driver’s contact and insurance details
  • Keep copies of your medical bills, proof of income, and other relevant paperwork
  • Watch what you say to other parties before you review your case with a lawyer
  • Avoid sharing any information or photos online while your injury claim is ongoing
  • Discuss your case with a pedestrian accident lawyer before you talk to others

Miami Pedestrian Accident FAQs

If you got hurt in a Miami pedestrian accident, the following answers to our most frequently asked questions might be helpful:

Do I Need a Lawyer for My Pedestrian Accident Case?

Yes, especially if:

  • You got seriously hurt in the pedestrian accident
  • You cannot work because of your crash injuries
  • You need help identifying or preserving evidence
  • The insurance company tries to minimize your claim
  • The insurance company rejects your claim altogether
  • You’re uncertain about negotiating or defending your rights

How Do I Prove My Pedestrian Accident Injury Claim?

The team at Redemption Law can help you gather and present evidence to prove your claim:

  • Photos and video footage of the crash
  • Copies of police accident reports
  • Relevant toxicology test results
  • Statements from witnesses who saw the crash
  • Testimony from experts like crash reconstructionists
  • The driver’s cell phone or GPS records

How Soon Will I Get the Money for My Pedestrian Accident Case?

You might settle within weeks if you have a straightforward claim involving relatively minor injuries. But if your claim is complex or the insurance company disputes any part, you might need months or even longer to settle. A knowledgeable attorney can help you estimate a realistic timeline for your case and handle the process efficiently.

Contact a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Miami

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