How Our Lawyers Handle a State Farm Injury Claim

21 June, 2023 | By Redemption Law
How Our Lawyers Handle a State Farm Injury Claim

Accidents happen all too often in the U.S., causing devastating injuries or fatalities. You rely on insurance to cover the staggering cost of your medical treatments and other expenses at times like these.

After a vehicle accident in the U.S., State Farm might cover you. It’s the nation’s largest car insurance provider, controlling over 15 percent of the U.S. market. The company rakes in nearly $90 billion in annual revenue. 

State Farm may sell peace of mind, but it doesn’t always deliver on its promises, and may short-change you on what you deserve.

The personal injury lawyer at Redemption Law have helped many of our clients successfully recover compensation from State Farm for their accident-related injuries.

Here’s how we handle State Farm injury claims for our clients.

Common Injury Claim Accidents 

Many of the accident claims we handle deal with accidents such as:

About State Farm

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company was founded more than a century ago in 1922. Today, State Farm has 58,000 employees, including 19,200 agents.

Experience Lawyer for Personal Injury

Like most insurance companies, State Farm places its profits over policyholders by offering settlements to injured individuals that pale compared to their full damages.

Our lawyers know the tactics State Farm adjusters use to skirt their obligation to accident victims. We know how to get you the maximum compensation you need and deserve.

Filing a State Farm Injury Claim

Florida is one of a handful of states that follows a no-fault rule for car insurance claims. Thus, after an auto accident, you must first seek compensation from your own insurance company, regardless of who caused the accident.

State Farm policyholders can report an accident online, through a mobile app, or by calling the company’s hotline at 800-SF-CLAIM. The process seems relatively easy, whichever option you choose, though the company encourages filing digitally instead of calling your claim in.

When you report your accident, stick to the basics. Give the date, time, and location of the accident, the types of vehicles involved, and the name and insurance provider of the other driver, if you have that information.

Don’t give too many details or try to explain what happened. Never admit fault, even if you think you may have contributed to the crash. Don’t give any statements at all or sign any documents. State Farm will use your words against you to limit your compensation. Just stick to the basics and let your lawyer handle the rest of the communications with State Farm.

Filing an Injury Claim in Florida

Florida requires all motorists to purchase Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance with a minimum coverage of $10,000. Often referred to as no-fault insurance, PIP covers your accident-related medical bills and lost income up to your policy limits, regardless of who caused the accident.

If your losses exceed your PIP coverage limits, you may file a claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance provider.

Filing a Third-Party Claims 

Our lawyers may advise you to file a third-party claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

Considering State Farm’s market share, there’s a good chance your third-party claim may also involve State Farm.

Work with a lawyer if you pursue a third-party claim. Our lawyers have plenty of experience dealing with State Farm adjusters and can process these complicated claims for you.

Florida law also allows people injured in accidents to file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver if they suffered severe or catastrophic injuries or property damages over $10,000.

Florida defines severe and catastrophic injuries as those that:

  • Are permanent with significant scarring or disfigurement
  • Are permanent with significant loss of a vital bodily function
  • Are permanent within a reasonable degree of medical probability
  • Result in death 

Our experienced accident lawyers can navigate the claims process and determine whether filing a third-party claim or lawsuit is in your best interest.

State Farm’s Claims Process

After receiving your accident report, State Farm will launch an investigation into your accident. This usually includes reviewing the police’s accident report, your medical records, and any other evidence available. Afterward, they will usually pay you to settle your claim.

The amount may include financial compensation for your medical bills, damages to your car, and lost income if your injuries kept you from working. It may even include some compensation for pain and suffering.

State Farm hopes you will accept the offer quickly, knowing that once you sign on the dotted line, you cannot go back and ask for more compensation if your injuries require more medical attention.

You may not know you deserve compensation for other damages, such as emotional trauma or loss of companionship if your injuries affect your personal relationships.

Never accept a settlement without talking to our lawyers first. As tempting as immediate compensation may sound, you will do yourself and your family a huge disservice by not seeking the full amount of compensation you need and deserve.

Our lawyers can review your medical records, talk with your doctors, and discuss your limitations with you and your family to better understand how your injuries have affected your life now and in the future.

How Our Lawyers Handle State Farm Injury Claims?

Once you hire our accident injury lawyers, we will demand maximum compensation in your State Farm Claim by taking these actions:

Investigate Your Accident 

Our lawyers will launch their own investigation into your accident to determine possible causes and all parties that may have played a role. We will review any evidence, such as photos of the accident scene, the police report, your medical records, your treatments, and any eyewitness accounts.

Identify all Liable Parties

Sometimes an accident involves multiple cars, and more than one driver may contribute to your injuries. Or, if you were in a truck accident involving an inexperienced trucker, you can hold the trucking company liable for negligently hiring an unqualified driver. Our lawyers will consider all possible liable parties in your accident case.

Value Your Claim

Our lawyers will consider how your accident has affected your life to determine the full extent of your damages.

Accident-related damages are generally categorized into two categories economic and non-economic.

Economic damages are actual financial losses that you suffered due to your accident injuries. These include: 

  • Medical expenses, including treatments, hospitalization, medication, and rehabilitation
  • Future medical needs
  • Modifications to your home or vehicle due to a permanent disability
  • Special equipment or prosthetics
  • Lost income 
  • Loss of future income 
  • Property damage
  • Funeral and burial expenses

Non-economic damages refer to non-monetary losses, such as pain and suffering. These subjective damages are more difficult to value.

Examples include:

  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional pain and suffering 
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of companionship 

After we understand the full extent of your damages, we will determine the value of your claim the dollar amount we will demand from State Farm. It will reflect the dollar value lost in economic damages and the value of your non-economic losses.

Since non-economic damages are more subjective, our lawyers usually calculate them using one of two methods the multiplier method or the per diem method. 

The multiplier method involves multiplying your economic damages by a number called a multiplier, with more severe injuries getting a higher multiplier. The per diem method calculates a value based on a daily rate, often determined by your income.

Once we determine a fair value for your full damages, we will send State Farm a demand for compensation. 

State Farm Calculates Damages Differently

State Farm uses an entirely different method for calculating injury claim damages a claim estimating software program called TEACH. The program evaluates your medical records, determines what medical treatments you need, and spits out a cost for that treatment. It also calculates lost income and assigns a value to your pain and suffering.

This program can undervalue your damages. For example, it may not consider the severity of your injuries, the cost of more extensive or additional medical treatment, or the long-term effects of your injury.

State Farm will likely send you a settlement offer based on the calculations from the TEACH software, and will hope that you take it without consulting an attorney.

We strongly advise that you talk with an attorney before accepting any offer from the insurance company, as you likely deserve far more than they offer.

Negotiate With State Farm for a Fair Settlement

Our lawyers will demand a settlement with a more accurate value of what your claim is worth. State Farm will likely counter with a lowball offer.

These back-and-forth negotiations may go on before State Farm offers a fair settlement, and we feel comfortable recommending that you accept it. In some circumstances, we may recommend filing a lawsuit against State Farm to recover fair compensation.

Represent You in Court if Necessary

If our lawyers recommend that you pursue a personal injury lawsuit, and you agree, we will file your case in civil court before Florida’s statute of limitations, which is two years from your injury. 

Most accident cases settle before they go to court, and we will continue to negotiate with the insurance company with that hope in mind. Insurance companies try to avoid expensive and time-consuming trials as much as possible. Often, just filing a lawsuit prompts the insurance company to settle.

At any rate, if your case does go to trial, our lawyers will represent you in court and advocate on your behalf until we reach a settlement or jury verdict. 

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State Farm is the largest auto insurance provider in the country. Still, they're just as sneaky as other insurance companies when it comes to lowball settlement offers that don’t completely compensate accident victims for their losses.

Our lawyers know State Farm adjusters' tactics and will work hard to get you the compensation you need and deserve.

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