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​Miami Premises Liability Lawyer

Were you hurt by a slip and fall, swimming pool accident, or another preventable incident on someone else’s property in Miami? If so, you’re not alone. Countless people get injured daily due to unsafe walkways, unattended hazards, and inadequate security in commercial and residential properties throughout Miami. However, if the property owner or manager’s actions caused your injuries, you may have a personal injury claim against them.

The premises liability lawyer at Redemption Law can help you pursue your claim and demand the compensation you need to move on with your life. As founding attorney Christopher D. Alas says, “We are devoted to making it right.”

Let us review your case and explain your rights during a free evaluation. Contact us today to speak with a Miami premises liability lawyer.

Miami Premises Liability Lawyer Guide

Why Choose Redemption Law?

Miami Premises Liability Lawyer If a hazard on someone else’s Miami property injured you, you need a premises liability lawyer to help you obtain the compensation you deserve. At Redemption Law, our talented legal team has recovered millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts, and we’re ready to demand fair compensation for you. We provide personalized attention to each and every client. We understand that your case is unique, so we will take the time to listen to your story and develop a customized strategy based on your specific needs and concerns. We also know that you’ve been through a traumatic experience, and the last thing you need is to navigate the legal process yourself. Let us handle your claim so you can focus on healing. Don’t wait another day to get the legal support you need. Contact Redemption Law now and get started with your free consultation. Our experienced premises liability attorney looks forward to meeting you and learning how we can help.

Compensation for Premises Liability Claims

The compensation you get from a premises liability claim can vary depending on many factors, including the severity of your injuries, the cost of your medical care, and how much time you miss from work. Other factors that may affect the value of your claim include:
  • The extent of the property owner’s negligence
  • The types of insurance coverage available
  • The jurisdiction where the accident occurred
By filing a premises liability claim, you can demand compensation for a range of losses, including:
  • Hospital bills and other medical expenses you incur due to your injuries
  • Medical costs you will likely incur in the future as a result of your injuries
  • Incidental costs, such as out-of-pocket travel costs for medical appointments
  • Reduced income from any time you miss at work due to your injuries
  • Projected losses in future earning potential due to permanent injuries
  • Subjective losses, such as pain, suffering, and diminished quality of life
Getting full compensation for your losses is difficult without the help of a knowledgeable attorney. The team at Redemption Law can determine a fair value for your premises liability claim and negotiate for a favorable settlement. We will not hesitate to take your case to trial if it is the best way to get you the money you deserve.

Miami Premises Liability Facts and Statistics

Miami is a large city with a tropical climate. The humid weather and frequent rainfall often cause slippery surfaces, overgrown vegetation, and standing water, all of which increase the likelihood of accidents. The region’s large tourist industry attracts visitors year-round, many of whom are unfamiliar with the area and thus more prone to accidents. Furthermore, the city’s aging infrastructure and historically rapid growth mean deferred maintenance and hidden hazards that put visitors at risk. If you suffered injuries on someone else’s property, several Florida laws could apply to your premises liability case, including:
  • Limited liability for convenience stores. Owners and operators of convenience stores are not liable for injuries that occur because of criminal activity on their premises if their stores have appropriate security measures.
  • Limited liability for injury to trespassers. Property owners are not liable for injuries to any trespasser unless the trespasser has a reasonable belief that they have permission to be on the property or the owner intentionally harms them.
  • Liability for unattended spills in businesses. When a visitor slips and falls due to an unattended spill in a place of business, they must prove that the business knew about the spill and failed to do anything about it to have a valid injury claim.
  • Liability for injuries from open pits or holes. Property owners may not leave open pits or holes on their premises larger than two feet deep or wide except for agricultural or mining purposes. Property owners are liable if visitors get hurt due to open holes or pits on their land in violation of the law.
  • Statute of limitations for premises liability cases. Florida’s statute of limitations for premises liability cases is four years. In most cases, you have four years from the date of an accident to sue the liable property owner or manager.
Florida premises liability is complex, and you could run into unexpected challenges if you try to pursue your case alone. The premises liability attorney at Redemption Law can determine how Florida law applies to your situation and then prepare your injury claim accordingly.

Types of Accidents and Injuries Leading to Premises Liability

Common accidents in Miami involving premises liability include:
  • Slip and fall accidents. These accidents occur when someone slips or trips and falls on a property due to a hazardous condition, such as a wet floor or cluttered walkway. Property owners could be liable for slip and falls if they know or should know about a dangerous condition and fail to address it.
  • Stairway accidents. Falls on stairways can occur due to a lack of handrails, poorly-lit steps, or uneven stairs. Property owners are responsible for maintaining safe and secure stairways and could be liable if they fail to repair or replace faulty stairs, steps, or handrails.
  • Swimming pool accidents. Drowning or near-drowning incidents can occur in residential or commercial swimming pools. Property owners must ensure that their pools are safe for visitors and could be liable for injuries if they fail to provide proper fencing, life-saving equipment, or adequate supervision.
  • Elevator and escalator accidents. Elevator and escalator accidents can occur due to faulty machinery or poor maintenance. Property owners are responsible for properly maintaining and inspecting their elevators and escalators and could be liable if someone gets hurt because the owner failed to do so.
  • Fires. Fires can occur due to faulty wiring, inadequate fire alarms, or failure to maintain fire extinguishers properly. Every property owner is responsible for ensuring that their premises are free of fire hazards and could be liable if their failure to do so causes harm.
The accidents often lead to serious injuries, such as:
  • Head and neck injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Back and shoulder injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Partial or total paralysis
  • Abdominal and internal injuries
  • Dislocated or broken bones
  • Soft tissue strains, sprains, and tears
  • Emotional and psychological injuries

Filing an Insurance Claim After a Premises Liability Accident

If a hazardous condition on someone else’s property in Miami hurt you, you could likely file an insurance claim to demand compensation for your medical costs and other losses. Unfortunately, the insurance process may prove difficult to navigate on your own, especially if you’re still recovering from your injuries. Property owners and managers should carry premises liability insurance to cover the costs associated with injuries incurred on their properties. However, insurance companies often seek to minimize the amount they have to pay out for claims in order to save themselves money. They could deny your claim, offer you a low settlement, or try to shift the blame to you. Even worse, many property owners in Miami are big corporations with deep pockets and lawyers on retainer. These companies have the resources to fight your claim tooth and nail, making it hard for you to get full compensation for your injuries. That’s where Redemption Law comes in. Our experienced premises liability legal team knows how insurance companies think and how to negotiate the best possible settlement on your behalf. We’ll fight tirelessly for the fair compensation you deserve, including money for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Don’t let the insurance company take advantage of you. Contact Redemption Law today to begin your free consultation.

What to Do if You Get Hurt on Someone Else’s Property

If you suffer an unexpected injury on someone else’s property, the first step is to seek medical care right away. A licensed physician can diagnose your injuries, recommend appropriate treatments, and document that in your medical records. Once your condition is stable, you can take the following additional steps to protect your rights and lay a solid foundation for your premises liability claim:
  • Follow your doctor’s care plan closely and attend all follow-up appointments.
  • Record the details of your healing journey in a “pain journal” for future reference.
  • Gather evidence for your case, including photos of the location where you got hurt, eyewitness statements, and the clothing you wore at the time.
  • Keep copies of your medical bills, pay stubs, and other important documents.
  • Watch what you say to other parties before you discuss your case with a lawyer.
  • Avoid sharing any information or photos online while your injury claim is pending.
  • Review your case with a trusted local attorney before you speak to anyone else.

Miami Premises Liability FAQs

Below you’ll find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about premises liability claims in Miami.

How Do I Prove That a Property Owner Is Liable for My Injuries?

There are several types of evidence you can use to prove that a property owner or another party is liable in a premises liability case, such as:
  • Statements from witnesses who saw the incident or knew about the dangerous condition that caused your injury
  • Photos or video footage of the accident scene, the hazardous condition, or your visible injuries
  •  Maintenance records that show when the property’s last inspection occurred, who inspected it, and whether they addressed any hazards
  •  Testimony from experts who can provide information about industry standards and best practices for maintaining safe conditions on a property
  •  Documentation of similar incidents or injuries that previously occurred on the property

What Happens if I Partially Caused My Injuries?

Florida law does not prevent you from recovering compensation for injuries you partially caused yourself. However, the less fault you bear for your injuries, the more money you can recover. This is where having an experienced attorney in your corner can prove especially valuable. A good lawyer knows how to fight back against a defendant’s arguments about fault and maximize the compensation their client recovers.

How Long Do I Have to Wait Until I Get My Settlement Money?

It depends. If your claim is straightforward and your injuries aren’t too severe, you could walk away with a settlement check within weeks. If you have a disputed or expensive claim, however, a settlement could take months. And if the liable party refuses to offer a fair settlement, you may have to go to court to compel them to pay. Consulting a seasoned injury lawyer is the best way to get a timeline for your premises liability claim.

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